Mobilized to Serve!

by on April 08, 2020

Here at the church, I manage a number of different teams of servants, including the ushers, maintenance crew, etc. And one of our big questions during this time of isolation is “How can we serve if we can’t get together?”

It has been wonderful to see how people have answered that question.

First of all, our maintenance team has been mobilized to fulfill the needs of some high-risk members of our community. They’ve suited up and moved furniture, delivered food, and pretty much whatever needs to be done for people who aren’t able to take care of it themselves.

One of our usher team leaders, Daryl, sent out a big text to everybody the other day inviting people to send their prayer requests and encouragement – and it went on for hours. We’re a tight-knit group, and we look forward to getting together to pray and talk before service every week – but since we can’t do that now, it’s just moved online. The whole text thread eventually got moved to an email chain with all of these different groups of people from the church, and it’s just growing and going. Over two hundred people are represented, chiming in with prayer requests, encouragement, praise reports, scriptures, and everything we need to keep our spirits up.

A time of crisis is a time to mobilize in some unexpected ways. I’ve seen that God can still use servants during this time – maybe even more than ever.